2023 Birthday Photo

For those keeping track this is the 70th photo ( Started with Year Zero – so don’t make me older than I am (69) ). A tradition started by my parents when I was born. The ribbon is the same in all of the photos over the years.

Interesting Find Online

Found this in the background of a photo from WRAM’s Studios in Monmouth, IL. This is the control board (Gates Yard II ) that I first used when I was in High School and working weekends for WRAM. – I wonder if it still powers up?

New Puppies – May 2019

Our new puppies (May 2019). We went for one . . . and who knew, they were having a BOGO sale!. Yep! we always did like a full house. Now we have our hands full.

Peppermint Patty (Purple Collar), Sally Brown (Pink Collar)

Welcome Grayson Michael Smith

Welcome, Andrew and Katherine’s new son to the Smith Family. Born June 4th. Grayson Michael Smith, 8lb 6 oz, 21 inches. We are now blessed with 7 grandchildren. Now it’s time for his two big sisters to get used to having a boy in the house. Hanna and Sonya’s world is about to be rocked!